Marta García Casado was born in 1993 in Madrid, Spain. In 2013, she started studying Fashion Design. While she was studying, she developed a special taste for colours and craftmanship. This two words have been represented all over her works in different forms, in an attemp to take advantage of the singularity that the hand-made processes grant to the final product.

Since then, she has exhibited her own works at Momad Metropolis and FIMI (International Fair of Children’s Fashion), in February 2014 and June 2015, respectively. A year later, during her third academic year, she obtained a scholarship at Saga Furs (Copenhague), where she created the winning-design that made the whole experience possible in the first place, being able to present it to the general public at The Costume Museum, in her hometown, Madrid. Not long after that, she started making her first capsule collection: Expression. In this case, Marta chose to work with craft processes such as pleats and patchwork. Expression was featured in well-known magazines as Neo2.

During her last year at university, she took a step further her creative skills with the birth of Ruler, her next collection, where she focused in other craftmanship processes like drapes. Moreover, this collection of eight looks was featured in Vogue Talents Italia.

Also, her final degree project was made in 2017. Being it her latest work, Marta blended her love for craftmanship with custom print development and eccological processes like Zero-Waste, making sustainability a core part of the creative process. The result was also exhibited at The Costume Museum in Madrid.

In September 2017, she was awarded a second prize in the XXVI Certámen de Jóvenes Creadores organized by the City Hall of Madrid, where she competed with her final degree project “Bureaucratic Paperwork”.


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